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BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio — An Ohio sheriff says he will offer free concealed carry classes to teachers in his county following the deadly Florida school shooting. 

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones said in a tweet there are a limited number of spots, but he also plans to provide training on school shootings.

He posted a screenshot of the tweet on the sheriff’s office Facebook page Sunday, and it’s since gotten over 5,000 shares and over 2,000 reactions.

After the reaction, he posted again that the class would be limited to 50 candidates. He said he’d gotten over 50 emails in 20 minutes about the classes.

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His offer has gotten a mix of reactions from Facebook users.

Chase Crawford says:  “Ahh yes, pressure some of the most underpaid, underappreciated people in our communities hop in the line of fire… Way outside the scope of work and not an actual solution. If you want protection, hire protection. I hope the Teachers Union shuts this down asap.”

Tracy Yeager Cleland wrote: “Seriously? Your office can’t even write out this message properly. As a teacher, I don’t want the added responsibility of carrying in a classroom. P.S. I am a gun owner.”

While Jennifer Marie commented: “This should be offered to every teacher Nationwide! They have to be able to protect our children somehow.”

What do you think?

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