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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio is offering its first-ever sales tax holiday this weekend to help back-to-school shoppers reduce the cost of clothing and school supplies.

The holiday runs until Sunday and applies to clothing and footwear items that cost $75 or less and to supplies and instructional materials that cost $20 or less. Items priced higher than those limits aren’t eligible for the tax savings.

The Ohio Council of Retail Merchants has said 1.1 million children and 500,000 college students the state will be returning to school this fall. The group estimates that $88 billion will be spent nationally on back-to-school items.

Great Lakes Mall has even extended their hours to accommodate the shoppers.

Similar holidays are popular in other states.

The Ohio Legislature passed a law last year authorizing it. For more details, listen to our interview with Ohio’s tax commissioner in the video player above. You can click here to head to the Ohio Department of Taxation page as well.

Happy shopping!