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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Dave Daubenmire, a former central Ohio high school football coach turned online Christian talk show host, is causing quite a stir.

“I was appalled at what I saw — what I thought was a porn show — at halftime during the Super Bowl,” said Daubenmire.

He was so appalled, that he wants to sue the NFL along with their major sponsors.

The show last Sunday featured musical guests Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

“My greatest complaint isn’t the halftime show itself.  It’s the fact that the NFL gave no warning.  Here we are watching a football game, next thing you know, a porn show breaks out,” said Daubenmire.

When asked about people’s first amendment rights, Daubenmire isn’t arguing with that.

“However, it’s not about me, it’s about the innocent children.  Maybe there wasn’t a parent in the room to change the channel,” said Daubenmire.

Daubenmire is no stranger to lawsuits.

In the late 1990s, he was sued by the ACLU for mixing prayer with his coaching at a public school.

Presently, Daubenmire says he has met with an attorney and plans to move forward with his suit against the NFL.

“Put a warning up there, cautioning parents that some of the content you might see might not be suitable for young children.  I personally resent the fact that they invaded the privacy of my home with stuff I would never look at it if I had a choice,” said Daubenmire.