HOLMES COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – Ohio dog breeders cited for performing euthanasia, and surgery as well as one breeder who threatened to kill a dog when he was cited by state inspectors for flooring violations, all made the Humane Society of the United States “Horrible Hundred” report.

The report was released Thursday and lists what Humane Society officials say are some of the problem breeders in the United States.

There were 13 breeders listed in Ohio.  The Humane Society bases its report on inspections done by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

“We put this out every year to make sure the public is aware this is happening, and it continues to happen,” said Mark Finneran, of the Humane Society of the United States.

Five years ago, we exposed some of Ohio’s large volume dog breeders showing many being cited numerous times for violations.

Including one in Ashland County, cited by inspectors for having poor housing conditions for the dogs.  The report released this year once again names that breeder and two others we investigated years ago.

“Three of Ohio’s 13 breeders that appear on this year’s Horrible Hundred report have appeared in previous reports,” Finneran said.

Inspection reports state some of the dogs were kept in cramped cages, or cages that do not protect them from harsh weather, and were not given proper medical care.

One breeder in Holmesville was cited for performing euthanasia on puppies without a veterinarian.

“The individual said he euthanized five dogs on his own that had cleft pallets and told inspectors he thought it was legal for him to do that,” Finneran said.

Another is cited for cropping ears on Schnauzers.

According to the inspection report for that breeder in Baltic, Ohio, he told the inspector his veterinarian sedated the dogs first. The inspector noted it was a severe violation because the state requires most surgeries on dogs to be performed by a veterinarian.

These two breeders were referred to the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Legal Counsel to determine if other action should take place.

“Something needs to be done,” Finneran said.

The report also includes a breeder in Walhonding, Ohio who allegedly threatened to kill one of his own dogs when the inspector documented flooring violations.

“We encourage anyone who is upset by what they are seeing in the Horrible Hundred report to email or call Governor Mike DeWine’s office,” Finneran said.  “And reach out to your legislators at the state house and ask how we are going to fix this puppy mill problem.”

If you would like to read the full reports and inspection reports click here.