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MIAMI, Fla. (WJW) — A Norwalk man was taped to his seat by other passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight after reportedly assaulting and groping flight attendants on the plane.

Maxwell Berry, 22, faces three charges of battery in the case.

According to a report from Miami-Dade County Police Department, Berry was on the flight from Philadelphia to Miami the afternoon of July 31.

Police reports state he ordered three alcoholic beverages from a flight attendant, and then brushed an empty cup against the attendant’s backside. He then allegedly spilled a new drink on his shirt and went to the bathroom, coming out shirtless.

The attendant told him to put on a shirt and helped him get a new shirt out of his carry-on.

Reports state the man continued to walk around the plane and then groped the breasts of a second flight attendant. He then allegedly put his arms around the two attendants and groped their breasts, reports state.

Maxwell Berry (Photo Credit: Miami-Dade County Police Department)

A third flight attendant took over watching the man, asking him several times to calm down and remain seated. He then reportedly punched that attendant in the face.

Alfredo Rivera, who was a passenger on the plane, caught that portion of the incident on camera and shared the above video with us.

A fight then ensued, and nearby passengers restrained the man and taped him to his seat, tying him with a seatbelt extender for the rest of the flight, according to police reports.

Berry was arrested when the plane landed.

Frontier Airlines issued the following updated statement:

“During a flight from Philadelphia to Miami on July 31, a passenger made inappropriate physical contact with two flight attendants and subsequently physically assaulted another flight attendant. As a result, the passenger needed to be restrained until the flight landed in Miami and law enforcement arrived. Frontier Airlines maintains the utmost value, respect, concern and support for all of our flight attendants, including those who were assaulted on this flight. We are supporting the needs of these team members and are working with law enforcement to fully support the prosecution of the passenger involved. The inflight crew members’ current paid leave status is in line with an event of this nature pending an investigation.”