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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Governor Mike DeWine says there is no plan for vaccine passports but lawmakers are still debating over the possibility.

“People shouldn’t feel compelled to have to give what operations they’re doing, what vaccines they’ve taken,” said Rep. Al Cutrona, (R) Canfield.

State Rep. Cutrona announced this week he plans to introduce legislation that would prohibit coronavirus vaccine passports being mandated by local or state government.

“This bill essentially is going to reign in the government and prevent them from overreaching and
overstepping like we’ve seen time and time again in the last year,” said Rep. Cutrona.

Vaccine passports are being debated around the country as one way people could get back to normal. In New York they have announced a program where a mobile vaccine passport could get you into events or even some businesses. Rep. Al Cutrona says he’s concerned with Ohioan’s privacy and doesn’t want their information being released to “big tech”.

“I value healthcare privacy and that’s where this is really stemming from and this is my major concern that we’re dealing with,” said Cutrona.

“We’ve kind of gone from those paper certificate that has when you’ve had your vaccinations if they are up to date, to a place where people want it more accessible in a digital format,” said Rep. Erica Crawley, (D) Columbus.

Rep. Crawley says she sees no difference between vaccine passports and providing your vaccination record to a school or new job.

“We’re just in a COVID era so everything gets politicized and kind of weaponized, unfortunately and so that is where this conversation is coming from,” said Rep. Erica Crawley, (D) Columbus.