[Editor’s Note: In the video above a teen fishing in Elyria hauls in a big catch!]

FREEPORT, Ohio (WJW) – The lake that holds the state record for the biggest Muskie now has a fresh stock of the fish ready to grow and become more trophy-winning opportunities.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources announced in a press release that more than 2,000 muskellunge have been stocked in Piedmont Lake.

The stocking event took place on Monday, Sept. 25. in partnership with the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club and Muskies, Inc.

Piedmont Lake is located in Belmont and Harrison counties and, according to a release, offers “superb fishing” for crappie, bass, and muskellunge in its 2,270 acres of water.

The largest Muskie caught in Piedmont Lake and weighed 55.13 pounds, according to officials. It was caught in 1972 and still holds the state record.