[Editor’s note: This article has been updated to reflect a change in the name of Akron soul band Wesley Bright, as reported by the governor’s office.]

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — Ohio is once again “The Heart of it All.”

The Buckeye State’s latest tourism slogan, announced Wednesday for Ohio Tourism Day, is a throwback to the state’s tagline between 1984 and 2001. The state’s previous slogan was “Find It Here.”

“As Ohio evolves into a powerhouse for technology and innovation, we’re looking at the classic ‘Ohio, The Heart of it All’ tagline in a new way,” Gov. Mike DeWine is quoted in a news release. “Our state is thriving, and we want the world to know that Ohio is the heart of technology, the heart of opportunity, the heart of adventure, and the heart of family. This is a brand for all of Ohio, uniting everything we love about our great state under one powerful phrase.”

Tourism marketing will feature the new tagline and logo and be set to the tune of “Must Be the Love” by Akron soul band Wesley Bright & Mayhem Music (Chris B. Harris/Dan Solovitz).

The logo was designed by Columbus-based Ron Foth Advertising.

(Ohio Tourism)

The state’s new tourism marketing strategy links with the state’s economic development mission to drive employment and residency in the state. It highlights the state’s job opportunities, family-friendly communities, its attractions and destinations as well as its quality of life, according to the release.

“Tourism is big business in Ohio, but it’s only part of the puzzle,” Lt. Gov. Jon Husted is quoted in the release. “We want to be champions for the state of Ohio. Moving forward, we’re going to be more intentional about attracting not only visitors, but also people who want to live, learn, and work here.”

Ohio’s tourism industry reported a record $53 billion in visitor spending last year — up from just less than $47 million in 2021 — as well as 233 million visitors from Ohio and other states. The industry also supported more than 424,000 seasonal, part-time and full-time jobs.