(WJW) – A new report shows Ohio is top-ranked in a list of states with a high number of pool drownings.

58 people have drowned in Ohio pools in the last three years, and nearly half of them were children.

The information comes from insurance company Quote Wizard.

Ohio’s 58 drowning deaths make it 7th in the nation for the highest number of pool drownings. Of those pool fatalities, 26 were children under the age of 5.

Nationally, Florida, California and Texas have the most pool drownings.

707 children under 5 have drowned in pools since 2018 across the U.S.

The insurance company has these pool safety tips:

  1. Designate one person to watch each child. If everyone is watching everyone, no one is watching anyone
  2. Install water barriers around pools and spas (hot tubs)
  3. If a child is missing, check the water first
  4. Have a list of the rules and safety instructions and enforce them at all times with all guests
  5. Know basic water rescue skills like first aid and CPR
  6. Floaties do not prevent drownings
  7. Keep the pool visible at all times. Make sure you can see the bottom and remove toys from the pool when not being used