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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine plans to unveil his proposals to reform law enforcement Wednesday afternoon.

He’ll make an announcement with Attorney General Dave Yost and members of the state legislature.

He indicated in Tuesday’s news conference what he thinks communities need.

“Making sure that the resources are spent also on the whole area of people who have a mental health problem. People who maybe have a drug problem and to make sure that there is that if there is the right balance between, you know, how we deal with that particular individual,” he said.

He says when he was an assistant county prosecuting attorney and attorney general, he saw law enforcement officers dealing with things they were not prepared to handle.

“They were not and did not have the background. And they almost had to be almost a social worker at the same time that they were a police officer. So how we tackle that, I think and the money that we spend on it on both of those issues is where this debate is going in the country.”

He has said he doesn’t support calls to defund the police.

“We have to have a police force. And it’s important that police force to be trained and to be very well trained and to be trained in de-escalation, to be trained and understand their implicit, and people do have implicit biases that they sometimes don’t don’t know that they have.”

He suggested he may be looking at some sort of state standard for law enforcement.

“It’s important to have a central standard, a good standard of when use of force should should be utilized. But it’s also important to figure out how the people that the police are dealing with many times who have other challenges, other problems that they’re getting, the assistance that they need.”