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KENTON, Ohio (WCHM) – A community is rejoicing after learning that 7-year-old Trinity Hurt has been found and reunited with her family.

On Saturday, many Ohioans woke up to the news of her rescue. According to investigators, Trinity was found on County Road 180 Friday night. They say she had a couple of bruises and scratches — but overall, was in good condition.

Charles Eugene Castle has been charged with felony kidnapping in connection with the girl’s disappearance. Castle is now in the multi-county correctional center in Marion.

After many saw her picture and heard the good news Saturday morning, in the city of Kenton, her neighbors took the time to reflect on what it means to be a community.

Kenton resident Deborah Portman, said in the three years she has lived nearby, she has never witnessed anything like this. She says the community showed so much resilience.

“It just made my heart beat so fast, I can’t even imagine,” Portman said.

One pastor, David Kiper, said though he didn’t know the family directly, he does live across the street from them.

Kiper was happy to find out this story had a happy ending. He hopes other families out there will be reminded of watching out for their surroundings and staying on high alert.

As for Trinity and her family, Kiper wishes them well now that this tragic incident has a happy outcome.

“If they need anything, I know they know by now they should know they can just ask,” Kiper said.