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CLEVELAND (WJW)– The United States Postal Service released a list of cities with the most dog attacks on mail carriers. Several Ohio cities made the top 25.

Cleveland topped the list, followed by Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles and Louisville, Kentucky.

As for other Ohio cities, Columbus was No. 11, Toledo was No. 15, Cincinnati was No. 17, Akron at No. 21, Dayton at No. 22 and Youngstown at No. 24. The Buckeye State had the third-most dog attacks on mail carriers in 2021.

“Every year, thousands of postal employees are attacked by dogs as they deliver America’s mail. And while it’s a dog’s natural instinct to protect their family and home, we ask all customers to act responsibly by taking safety precautions with their dogs while the mail is being delivered,” said USPS employee safety and health awareness manager Leeann Theriault.

“When a carrier comes to the residence, keep the dog inside the house and away from the door — or behind a fence on a leash — to avoid an attack.”

The USPS asked pet owners to keep dogs in the house or behind a fence, away from the door, or on a leash.

According to the postal service, many of the attacks reported came from dogs whose owners stated, “My dog won’t bite.”