COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) – A bill that would decrease the training requirements to be armed on school property is being considered in the Ohio State Senate.

House Bill 99 would allow schools to choose whether staff can be armed within a school safety zone. It would also lessen the training requirements. The current training requirements, according to the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Thomas Hall, District 53 (R), are around 750 hours.

“750-plus hours is not a realistic or practical requirement for full-time staff to complete in order to simply keep our students and educators safe,” Hall said in a press release.

House Bill 99 would change that to 20 hours of training. The bill says an employee must complete concealed carry weapon (CCW) training. To get a concealed carry license, applicants had to get a background check from their local sheriff’s department, complete 8 hours of training with 2 hours of live training and complete an exam that included an in-person physical demonstration of competency on handgun usage and rules for safe handling and storage of a handgun. However, Ohio will no longer require CCW training as of June 13. House Bill 99 would also require a school board to notify the public if they allow staff to be armed.

“At the end of the day, what we are talking about here is empowering our local schools to make the best decision for their students and educators so that our children feel safe and are safe in Ohio schools,” Hall said. “We have worked tirelessly on this bill to do our part in protecting our schools and our communities.”

House Bill 99 now awaits a second committee hearing in the Senate.