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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WJW) – Ohio-based Phantom Fireworks says supply chains are slow due to global shipments.

The country’s top consumer fireworks retailer is recommending people buy fireworks early due to a possible shortage.

“Like many other industries, the fireworks industry has also experienced delays due to shipment challenges facing the global market,” said Alan L. Zoldan, Phantom Executive Vice President.

According to a press release, personal fireworks sales in 2020 surged to record rates industry-wide, including at Phantom Fireworks.

They believe this year’s Independence Day holiday is showing similar momentum, especially as President Biden has July 4th a point for the nation to “mark our independence” from coronavirus.

Phantom Fireworks says there is high demand, and it’s responded with additional hiring and store openings.

“The good news is that we prepared early in anticipation of high demand again this year and are encouraging Phantom customers to do the same,” Zoldan said. “We are always excited to be a big part of America’s favorite holiday – the Fourth of July, especially meaningful following the 2020 pandemic summer.”