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COLUMBUS (WJW) — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is clearing up misinformation about carrying a concealed weapon in the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter sent to sheriffs across the state, Yost explained that his office has gotten many questions from people wondering if “it is legal for someone with a concealed-carry permit to carry a concealed firearm while wearing a mask.”

Yost said that the answer is yes, as long as someone is also in possession of their concealed carry license, they are allowed to carry while covering their face with a mask. Yost also made it clear that the person must abide “by all Ohio concealed carry laws,” when carrying a concealed weapon.

Apparently, questions have arisen as conflicting information has been spread across social media platforms.

Ohioans are required to wear masks in certain counties and cities across the state, but not all. As seen in the video above, DeWine (and other politicians) continue to ask people to wear masks while in public, even if not mandated.

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