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EAST EARL, Pennsylvania — When a couple walked into an Eastern Pennyslvania baker with a set of plastic antlers, they had no idea the incredible cake Pam McNeal would be able to create for their wedding.

According to FOX 29 in Philadelphia, the bride and groom asked Shady Maple Farm Market to design the cake around the antlers.

The market posted a picture of the finished cake on Facebook and it has gone viral. It was shared more than two thousand times and liked by nearly a thousand people.

The life-sized deer took McNeal about 10 hours to create, FOX 29 reported.

The head and neck were carved from Styrofoam, but the rest of the deer was edible. According to FOX 29, it was enough cake to serve 250 people.

Shady Maple Farm Market posted the picture of McNeal and the cake on Saturday — the same day the couple got married.

Many of the more than 300 comments on the Facebook post praised McNeal for her work.

“Pam has been making our cakes for years! She is a true artist!!” Tina Marie Cressman wrote.

Brenda Dilling Miller wrote, “Amazing job Pam. I seen [sic] the cake in person and it was magnificent.”

“Great job Pam!!” Patty McCoy Reynolds said.

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