PARMA, Ohio (WJW) – A pony on the loose had emergency phone lines busy Friday in Parma.

“I was called by dispatch and when I got there, a patrolman had already gotten it and put it on a leash. It was indeed a pony,” said Julie Kocick, Parma’s animal control officer.

Kocick said the wayward pony was wrangled near old Rockside Road and Broadview Road. The pony, named Junior, was then returned to its home, safe and sound.

“Nobody was home, but I was able to go in and determine that this is where the pony lived. I was yelling to him ‘come here, come here.’ We got the pony back into the stall,” said Kocick.

However, Monday Kocick had to inform Junior’s owner that the pony is no longer allowed to stay there.

“There is a law that you can’t have horses and yes, he falls under that law. She is going to have to remove him from the city,” said Kocick.

No livestock is allowed to be owned or maintained within Parma city limits. The ordinance includes horses, pony, cattle, sheep, goats and chickens.

Kocick says the owner now has 30 days to remove the pony from city limits.