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CLEVELAND — Inappropriate or innocent fun?

A video is lighting up Facebook showing several Cleveland police officers having a snowball fight while appearing to be on-duty.

The man who shot the video says he was upset by the activity in front of his home. He posted the video on his Facebook page Wednesday night and people have been sharing it, including sending it to FOX 8.

Although it’s dark outside, the video clearly shows Cleveland police cars in the video and officers in uniform throwing snowballs at each other. The recording lasts just over two minutes.

The man states in one of his postings that he woke up to a ruckus outside and saw the officers engaged in a snowball fight. He states he then started recording them, when you can see one of the officers shine a spotlight in his direction. Soon after that, the snowball fight stopped.

Cleveland police spokesman Sgt. Sammy Morris says he has seen the video. The department, including the chief, are investigating, but Sgt. Morris says they have no further comment.

FOX 8 also reached out to Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s office. After watching the video, the mayor’s office said, “It looks like the officers were relieving a little stress with a snowball fight that lasted a very short time. We’re not aware that it resulted in any harm or put anyone at risk.”