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CLEVELAND- The Fox 8 I-Team has answered one of the most common questions surrounding the Cleveland police officers involved in the Tamir Rice case. We’ve found what they are doing now as the case remains under investigation and review.

The chief’s office confirms both officers are still on the job and working in units that do not involve any contact with the public.

We’re told Officer Timothy Loehmann is currently assigned to the budget unit. A police spokesman points out, Loehmann is not making decisions about the actual police budget, but he is handling other tasks as needed in that unit.

Officer Frank Garmback is currently assigned to the police gym. We’re told he is there to help move equipment as the gym undergoes some renovations and to handle supplies. Officers in police shootings are often assigned to the gym for mental health reasons. They can work out, get counseling if needed, and clear their minds. But we’re told Garmback is not in the gym currently for those reasons.

Police shot and killed 12-year-old Rice last November. They received a call about a male pointing a gun at people outside the Cudell Recreation Center. Investigators found he had an airsoft pistol that looked like a powerful handgun.

Police have said Officer Garmback drove the patrol car to the scene, and Officer Loehmann fired the shots. Investigators said the boy was shot as he reached into his waistband in an encounter that lasted about 2 seconds.

Just this week, the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office wrapped up an investigation into what happened and handed findings over to the county prosecutor for review.

The prosecutor is expected to do more investigating and have the case considered by a grand jury for any possible charges against the officers.

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