LAWRENCEVILLE, Georgia (WJW) – A group of police officers and bystanders united to lift an overturned car and save a 19-year-old driver who was trapped inside.

The incident began when an officer noticed a speeding motorist and initiated a pursuit. Shortly thereafter, the officer stumbled upon an overturned car and quickly recognized it as the same vehicle he had been pursuing.

Upon closer inspection, the officer discovered that the driver had been partially ejected through the sunroof, with his upper body and head squeezed between the vehicle and the roadway, according to the police.

Faced with the critical situation, Sgt. Michael Peterson can be heard in the footage exclaiming, “He can’t breathe, we’ve got to lift this car up right now.”

The video footage captured the remarkable moment when the car was lifted with the assistance of “several good Samaritans” who had gathered at the scene to lend a helping hand.

Following the rescue operation, the Lawrenceville Police Department said the trapped driver was taken to the hospital for treatment of several injuries. Their condition is not known.