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SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio – One newborn’s entrance into the world was anything but calm.

Father Matt Przepiora and his fiancé, mom Gabrielle Wiseman, were on the road near their Solon home Tuesday morning when Wiseman went into labor.

They faced rush hour traffic jams as Przepiora navigated back roads toward University Hospitals, with Wiseman in the passenger seat screaming from pain.

“I’m like holding on for dear life, and there was construction so we’re hitting bumps and stopping and going and I think I was pouring sweat; I was so nervous,” Wiseman said.

With her contractions getting stronger and bumper to bumper traffic as they drove toward the hospital, they spotted a police officer in Shaker Heights.

“Something told me just stop. I didn’t pull over, just stopped the truck, jumped out and ran over to him,” Przepiora said. “It truly is a miracle he was there at that moment.”

Shaker Heights Police Patrolman Paul Rypinski said it’s the last thing he expected and a first in his 24 years with the department.

“He alerted me to his wife in the car and said she’s having a baby right now. And my immediate thought was, right now?” Rypinski said.

His body camera video shows how the officer calmed Wiseman, holding her hand and talking her through the tense moments.

“I’m not sure if the holding the hand was to comfort me or her but we both were squeezing each other’s hand, hoping and praying that we were able to get her to the hospital before this baby was born there,” Rypinski said.

An ambulance soon arrived to rush them to the hospital, where Wiseman delivered a healthy baby boy who they named Oakley Michael.  Rypinski even sent flowers to their room.

“Just very thankful,” Wiseman said. “It really is something we’ll never forget, for the rest of our lives.”