Woman Reveals Own Crime to Officer


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By Samantha Morgan

THIBODAUX, Louisiana (NBC33) — Police catch criminals. Criminals confess to crimes. It’s not too often that police catch a criminal who asks for an officer’s help while committing a crime. But that’s exactly what landed a woman behind bars this weekend.

The Thibodaux Police Department reports that the incident occurred on Saturday, April 27, at roughly 4:30 p.m. We’re told the suspect, Nancy Wisdom, 44, approached an officer working an extra-duty detail and asking him for assistance.

“She filed a complaint as if it were a domestic dispute,” David Melancon, of the Thibodaux Police Department said. “She told the officer that the guy she was living with in a home was refusing to let her in to get her belongings.”

The problem, however, is that the two were illegally living in the residence.

“She told the officer that they had broken into the home,” Melancon noted. “The officers were able to contact the owners of the abandoned home and the owner of the home decided he wanted to press charges.”

Wisdom was arrested and charged with Criminal Trespassing.

“I believe she was aware of what was going on,” Melancon said when asked if she realized that she essentially confessed to a crime while asking for assistance. “I do not believe she displayed any signs of being intoxicated or not in her correct frame of mind. But to tell you for sure, I could not say.”

Her accomplice, Richard Barnes, 52, was not in the home when officers inspected the location. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

“A separate officer working the same off-duty detail on the following Monday saw a white male at a vehicle rental business. He observed the man looking through the windows of the vehicles,” Melancon explained. “He was then seen walking away from the area, and another officer stopped him.”

Because Barnes did not seem to damage any of the vehicles, nor did he break into the lot to inspect the cars, he was not charged in that incident. But he was taken in for the prior warrant also charged with Criminal Trespassing.

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