WATCH: Wedding Balloon Crash Caught on Video


(Photo Credit: KGTV video still)

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RANCHO PANISCITO, California (KGTV/CNN) A wedding ceremony aboard a hot air balloon came to a crashing end in California.

The bride and groom had just exchanged wedding vows Monday afternoon when their hot air balloon crash landed in the backyard of a San Diego home.

Fourteen people in the balloon held on for dear life, expecting the worst.

It was a hard crash landing, then silence.

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Karen and Jonathan Narccis had just exchanged vows thousands of feet in the air. Now, they were on their sides, stranded in a stranger’s back yard.

“The first couple of times he tried to land — we floated over,” said Shawna Pergondi, one of six loved ones witnessing the mile-high wedding. “We kept missing landing spots. Next thing you know, we’re descending and I’m thinking, ‘How is he going to land here’ because there’s no place to land.”

But down they went.

“And of course, he hit the fence,” Pergondi explained. “But we hit and we skidded and then we bounced…I got a little worried when we hit the fence and I thought, ‘Well, if the fence doesn’t stop us then we’re going down this hill.'”

The ironic part?

The groom is terrified of heights.

The owner of Skysurfer Balloon Company called the incident a “windy landing” and said it happens all of the time.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

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