WATCH: Gorilla Plays with Toddler


(Photo Credit: YouTube video still)

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Can you imagine this? A 300-pound gorilla plays, cuddles and kisses an 18-month old girl.

Believe it or not, the above scenario actually happened … and it was all caught on camera!

In the just-released video by British conservationist Damian Aspinall, daughter Tansy romps around the Howletts Wild Animal Park with some endangered western lowland gorillas.

The incredible footage was shot more than 20 year ago, but Aspinall said he didn’t make it public until now because he knew there would be backlash. He hopes by releasing the video, it will inspire people to help gorillas in the wild.

Aspinall made headlines a few years ago when he was reunited with a gorilla he had raised after five years. *Watch the emotional reunion 

What do you think of the toddler-gorilla bonding time? Watch the above video and judge for yourself. (Mobile Users: Click here for the video)

To learn more about The Aspinall Foundation, click HERE.

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