WATCH: Dog Rescues Pals from Canoe


(Photo Credit: YouTube video still)

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Who needs a lifeguard when this pooch is around?

We’re talking about a brave black labrador who dove into a rippling river to save his buddies from a stranded canoe.

The YouTube video is the latest “animal rescues animal” to go viral on the Web.

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In the clip, you can clearly hear two dogs yelping, barking and whining as they look around for some help.

But they’re not scared for long.

With some encouragement from its owner, the super lab doggy paddles out to his friends, grabs the canoe’s rope, then tugs them back to shore.

There’s some speculation online that the heroic swim was a training exercise … but are you any less impressed?

If so, where does THIS rank on your “wow” meter?