Valley City Hosts Annual Frog Jump Festival

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VALLEY CITY, Ohio — Sunday was a great day in Valley City to get out and stretch your legs, especially if you’re a frog.

The city held its 51st annual Frog Jump Festival, an event that showcases athletic amphibians coached by their human counterparts.

“This festival, I think, is one of the best family festivals going. There’s some certain kind of magic about this frog jumping business,” said Rod Knight, who runs the jumping ring with his wife.

Participants at Mill Stream Park took turns placing their frog in a center circle where the animal was permitted three jumps. 

The goal is to get your frog to jump as far as he can from the starting point. 

While the hopping may seem haphazard, some swear by a strategy.

“It’s all between you and the frog’s personality.  However you figure out to do it,” Knight explained.  “We have had people who say they’ve trained a frog.  Maybe they have, maybe they haven’t, but they’ve said so.”

For Grace Williams, a young participant, it’s all about impact.

“To hit the ground and it will make him jump,” she told Fox 8 News.

Another popular technique was a gentle finger flick to the frog’s behind.

The winner of each flight, or round, received a trophy and a chance to compete in the Grand Jump Off.

A Grand Champion Trophy was awarded to the winner of that event.

Trophies were also awarded for the longest and shortest jump of the day.

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