Police: Man Calls 911 More Than 100 Times


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By Sonseeahray Tonsall

SACRAMENTO, California (KTXL) — A Sacramento man believes it’s the federal government that’s causing him agonizing pain, forcing him to dial 911, according to police, more than 100 times.

“They squeeze my brain, they press my stomach, they stir my intestines,” Jimmy Shao told FOX40 Tuesday.

That’s why he feels it’s right, as his personal log book and police records show, that he called 911 more than 100 times in the last month.

Sixty of those calls were transferred to the City of Sacramento.

When asked if he thought the CIA was doing something to his brain or stomach all of those times he said, “Yes, secret. Hiding in a secret place.”

“911 is only place where I can reach for public help to rescue me from the satellite control,” he said.

Sacramento Police have a different view of Shao’s calls. They’ve arrested him for falsely reporting emergencies.

“It can be very frustrating for a dispatcher. For us, 911 is that lifeline. It’s our number one priority,” said Jena Swafford, 911 dispatch supervisor for the city.

“He was told to stop making those calls and to use non-emergency lines and he refused to do so,” said Officer Michele Gigante with Sacramento Police

Repeat dialers, sometimes called frequent fliers, are a problem for every dispatch center.

“Believe or not, they call us for ‘I stubbed my toe,’ ‘The restaurant didn’t do my bill right,'” said Lt. Jim Ortega with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Communications Center.

But police say what Shao did rose to a whole different level – vexing calls lasting an average of five to seven minutes.

“He was annoying and harassing the dispatchers,” said Gigante.

For other men, arrest may be enough to stop a reach for the phone, but Shao has dialed 911 three times since bailing out of jail.

“I will keep calling if they don’t stop [physically abusing] me, physically assaulting me. If they don’t do an investigation and stop,” he said.

Shao is a divorced father who says his ex-wife made him visit a psychiatrist. He says the psychiatrist told him he had no mental problems.

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