Local Dairy Farmer Spoils Cows with Waterbeds

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WELLINGTON, Ohio—We can all enjoy a good night’s rest on a nice, comfy bed … and we’re not alone.

Conrad Farms in Lorain County may be better known as a spa for cows.

“The cows’ comfort has improved dramatically,” said farm owner, Dave Conrad.

The 200 cows have no problem resting, after all, they get to sleep all day in a bed.

“Seven feet in length, four feet wide, just a rubber mattress,” said Conrad. “Each stall has two bladders to them and there are 14 gallons of water in each stall.”

Yes, you read that right, Conrad’s cows are sleeping on waterbeds.

“Waterbeds offer a clean, low maintenance bed for the cows to lie in,” said the farm owner.

Each waterbed is valued at $300. These cows sure are ‘milking’ the system.

“We do our very best to keep the cows happy,” Conrad said. “In return, they will take care of us.”

I guess you can say these waterbeds are moo-ving.

“Lying on the water mattress decreases, and does completely away with those issues,” Conrad added. “They don’t have that pressure point on their hocks or knees.”

And just like humans, a good night’s rest can go a long way for a cow.

“In the past five or six months, our milk quality has gone up quite a bit,” Conrad said.

All they need now is a TV and some exercise equipment, and they could call this a bed and breakfast.

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