Mom Battling Cancer Has Quadruplets


New mom, Ashley Adams found out she had cancer while pregnant with quads. The babies are healthy although born premature. They’ll be home by Thanksgiving. Ashley will start chemo and radiation soon. (Photo Credit: KDVR)

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By Will Holden, KDVR

Aurora, CO (KDVR) — His parents say baby Wyatt is already all boy. His father, Andy Adams says, “He’ll probably be the toughest guy in his grade. His three sisters are going to test him.”

That’s right, three sisters: Rylie, Braelynn and Samantha.

All four were born on Aug 26 at University of Colorado Hospital. It’s the first set of quadruplets born at the hospital since it moved to Aurora.

Ashley and Andy Adams found out they were having quadruplets at their first ultrasound.

“Our doctor said, ‘You guys have quadruplets,'” Ashley said. “Andy almost passed out.”

There were many complications with the pregnancy, and at 21 weeks along, Ashley was put on bed rest. Originally, the fear was that the children would be born prematurely. Then, Ashley found out she had cancer.

“It was in her thyroid and had also spread to her lymph nodes.” Andy said. “I just remember calling my buddy, Joe, and crying because I was gonna lose my wife.”

For most people, doctors recommend surgery right away. But they didn’t in Ashley’s case. The seven hour surgery to remove the tumors was too risky for the babies.

“For the first two days it was scary, but the rest of the time we put it out of our heads.” Ashley said. “I couldn’t stress because the babies would stress.”

Thirty weeks into the pregnancy, Ashley went into labor.

“When I first saw them (the quadruplets) and they came out, I understood what my Dad and I had talked about the week before: this unconditional love,” Ashley said. “You have this connection.”

The babies were still in the intensive care unit Tuesday. The parents go back and forth from their home on the Buckley Air Force base. Doctors say the quadruplets are healthy and have had no major issues.

Ashley had surgery four weeks after the babies were born and she is okay, too. She is putting off chemotherapy and radiation treatment as long as possible so she can continue breast feeding.

It’s two way miracle, Ashley says. Because while she was focusing on saving her babies’ lives, it turns out they were saving hers.

“If we didn’t get pregnant with quads we would have never come to the hospital,” Ashley said.

“I wouldn’t have had the doctor I had. I never would have found the cancer.”

The babies are expected to be able to go home by Thanksgiving. The family says the community support has been great, but they could use some help with a “baby mobile,” a new vehicle that can fit four car seats.

If you want to help or find out more, you can check out their Facebook page, Our Quad Life. There is also a fund set up for them at the Navy Federal Credit Union, Buckley Air Force Base. The account number is 3034469290, and your can reach the credit union by phone at 888-842-6328.

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