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AVON, Ohio — A homeowner was stunned earlier this week when she reportedly discovered a stranger in her driveway passed out in his car.

The bizarre incident happened on September 9 at a home in the 3400 block of Stoney Ridge Road.

According to the Avon Police Department, the woman reported that a Mercedes-Benz was partially in her garage, preventing her from closing the door. Inside the still-running car was a man — whom she did not know — passed out with a “sexual device” in his lap, a police report stated.

Officers arrived and noticed that there was “fresh damage” done to the Mercedes. The luxury vehicle was missing its passenger side mirror and had scuff marks on its window.

They later found a firearm inside.

Sgt. Robert Olds says the man, identified as 29-year-old Daniel Marderosian, Jr., was cooperative at the scene. He pleaded not guilty to carrying a concealed weapon Thursday morning in Avon Lake Municipal Court.

Marderosian told Fox 8 News that he had a permit for his firearm, which he said was found in the glove box.

He could also be charged with OVI, but Marderosian says he was only sleep-deprived; not under the influence. Results from a blood-alcohol test are pending.