Girl Learns Story of Being Born in the Woods


Hailey Bryan had an unusual birth in the woods. Sharon is helping Hailey learn about her biological parents. (Photo Credit: WHNS)

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By Casey Vaughn

TAYLORS, South Carolina (WHNS) — A baby girl who was born to homeless parents in a tunnel under a bridge has grown up with the family who fostered, then adopted, her.

Hailey Bryan is now 8 and asking a lot of questions about her birth parents, according to her mother Sharon Bryan, of Taylors.

Sharon Bryan and her husband became foster parents to Hailey after she was born in 2004, eventually adopting her.

“She is nothing short of a miracle,” said Sharon Bryan in an email to FOX Carolina.

To help Hailey learn about her birth parents, FOX Carolina’s Diana Watson shared the original story that aired eight years ago with the Bryans. It was the first time they had seen the story.

In 2004, new parents Cheryl Workman and Ben Williams spoke with FOX Carolina in the hospital about giving birth out in the woods.

“I told him, I know I shouldn’t be pushing, but this baby’s coming,” said Workman.

Firefighters from the Parker Fire District rushed to the scene to help, but the baby was already delivered.

Workman named the baby Alexis Amari, but the parents were unable to keep her when the Bryans were called.

“We had just finished up our licensing with DSS, I don’t know, on a Monday, and I think a couple of days later they called and said they had Hailey or Alexis, and would we be interested in fostering her,” said Sharon Bryan. “We said, well sure.”

Sharon Bryan said baby Hailey was very healthy considering Workman had very little prenatal care. She said it did not take long for the Bryans to decide to adopt the little girl they loved so much.

Alexis Amari became Hailey Brooke Bryan.

“That’s the story of me,” said Hailey.

And now, Hailey is headed to third grade and has several pets including a couple of Guinea pigs. And she is starting to ask questions about her birth parents.

Sharon Bryan said she began trying to locate Workman about a year ago. She recently tracked her down in Indiana. Workman had another daughter two years younger who is Hailey’s half-sister.

The Bryans have yet to locate Hailey’s biological father. Hailey hopes to one day meet her extended family.

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