Dog Causes Chain Reaction Crash on I-77

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PIKE TOWNSHIP, Ohio—A dog quickly became a pest on Interstate 77 near Pike Township, so Jim Donohue went to check it out.

Donohue, a trooper with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, attempted to capture the dark-haired pooch on Jan. 3, but he wasn’t expecting what happened next.

Drivers started to stop in the middle of the freeway, leading to a crash.

“Two cars stopped safely,” he said. “Then, a white car came up and hit both those cars, and if you watch close enough, you can see the white car go off the road into the embankment.”

Everything was caught on Donohue’s dash-cam video.

In a matter of seconds, that crash became a chain reaction, with a semi-truck slamming into four vehicles on the busy road that morning.

Donohue said only one person was hurt, and that man walked away with minor injuries.

“It’s pretty amazing. And very thankful that nobody was seriously hurt,” he said. “They were safe because seatbelts. Seatbelts played a major role in this. Everybody had their seatbelts on. I think it`s one of the major reasons everybody was able to walk away from this.”

As for that dog, Donohue said it narrowly escaped without any injuries.

But, if any driver is in a similar situation, Donohue said it’s best to hit the animal.

“Nobody wants to hurt an animal,” he said. “But everybody reacts differently in these situations …We’re lucky this didn’t end much worse.”