Cat’s Head Gets Stuck in Peanut Jar


(Photo credit: KTVI)

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(Photo credit: KTVI)

By Dan Gray, KTVI

ST. LOUIS, Missouri (KTVI) — They say cats have nine lives and one kitten almost put that old saying to the test.

It could have been a catastrophe, but thanks to the folks who found her and the folks from the Open Door Sanctuary who rescued her, she is alive and well enough to appear on FOX 2 News in the Morning.

They believe the cat was looking for water when she got her head stuck in what appears to be a peanut jar, so they have named her peanut.

And now she is up for adoption. And it won’t take long for her to find a family because thanks to this photo, she has been catapulted into fame.

(Photo credit: KTVI)

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