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BRIGHAM CITY, Utah — An 11-year-old went viral for his recent business venture, however his “ice cold beer” stand was more than just an entrepreneurial move.

Seth Parker moved to Utah from Georgia in June 2017 and has struggled making new friends, according to TODAY Parents.  So, he came up with a way to meet people.

On Tuesday, Parker decided to hold a stand selling root beer outside a local church.  The boy was seen holding up a sign that read “ice cold beer” which prompted some neighbors to contact authorities.

However, the Brigham City Police Department cleared up the confusion and acknowledged that Parker’s marketing strategy was paying off.

“Business is booming,” Parker’s dad, Alan, told TODAY.

He has been serving roughly 100 customers a day since his stand opened on Tuesday.  His dad also added that local kids have come to admire Parker’s stand.

“This is a way for Seth to meet other people,” Alan reportedly said. “Before this, he was sitting inside watching TV and playing video games by myself. The transition has been tough. Seth has always been a little shy,” Alan said. “Running a business is helping him a lot with communication. I’m very proud of him.”