ASHTABULA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – Working around the clock to keep our roads safe. That’s what about 60 ODOT crews from Northeast Ohio have planned to combat winter weather overnight. 

“They just did a shift change here at noon and so there are fresh people in these trucks and so they will be out on the roads tonight in these 12-hour shifts and through Monday morning,” said ODOT Spokesman Ray Marsch. 

Marsch said the majority of his team’s focus for the approaching snowfall is a familiar territory.

“There is definitely going to be some snow accumulation coming here to the snowbelt region in Northeast Ohio,” said Marsch. 

With around three to six inches of snow expected in parts of Ashtabula County, Marsch said at least 17 plows have spent Sunday dumping down salt to stay one step ahead.

“It’s all about getting these roads pre-treated so that we can stay ahead of that snow that will be coming,” said Marsch. 

However, Marsch warned that their crews can only do so much and they need your help to accomplish safe driving on Monday.

“Please set your alarm maybe a half hour early. Wake up at a good time and give yourself plenty of time to get out the door. Don’t be in a rush, that’s the biggest thing,” said Marsch. 

It will help avoid a common problem, which can lead to dangerous driving.

“If you see our crews out there, please don’t crowd the plow. Our crews are out there trying to make life easier, so please just don’t crowd the plow,” said Marsch.