Cleveland Mentioned in Presidential Debate

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio – President Barack Obama and Republican vice presidential candidate Mitt Romney went head-to-head in their first face-off on Wednesday night.

Cleveland took center stage with a mention of the Cleveland Clinic.

Both candidates talked about what the Clinic is doing to keep costs under control.

“At Cleveland Clinic, one of the best health care systems in the world, they actually provide great care cheaper than average. And the reason they do is because they do smart things.

They say if a patient’s coming in, let’s get all the doctors together at once, do one test instead of having the patient run around with 10 tests,” Obama said.

“Your example of the Cleveland Clinic is my case in point, along with several others I can describe,” Romney said. “This is the private market, these are small, these are enterprises competing with each other, learning how to do better and better jobs. I used to consult to businesses, the hospitals and the health care providers. I was astonished at the creativity and the innovation that exists in the American people.”

Romney says one of the first things he would do if elected is to repeal President Obama’s health care reform, but Obama says repealing it would leave millions of Americans without health care coverage.

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Voters who were enjoying a night out in Lakewood were not blown away by the first part of the debate.

“At this point in time, I don’t see one of them overwhelmingly doing better than the other. They are both speaking the typical speaking points they’ve had throughout the campaign,” said Dan Peterca.

Peterca is one of many voters who is leaning mostly toward one candidate, but could possibly switch sides if he hears something he really likes, or really doesn’t like.

The first several minutes of the debate offered no such candidate-shifting words from either side.

“What I have observed so far… at this point in time, I’d still say pretty much the same,” Peterca said.

Cheri Hardt has her mind made up and knows which candidate for whom she will vote.

She is taped the debate at home while she was out to dinner.

However, she wants to see it just out of curiosity.

At this point, little could make her change her mind.

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