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(WJW) — Caitlyn Jenner claims that O.J. Simpson once told Nicole Brown that he would one day “kill her and get away with it,” before she was murdered.

72-year-old Jenner, who was once married to Brown’s best friend Kris Jenner, said it during an appearance on “Big Brother VIP” in Australia.

“We were at the courthouse, we were watching what was going on in the other room,” Jenner recalled. “And even after the not guilty verdict… Kris turns around to me and goes, ‘We should’ve listened to Nicole, she was right, right from the beginning.'”

Jenner says they were at Brown’s house two days before she was murdered.

“It was an extraordinarily difficult time,” Jenner said about the trial.

Simpson was acquitted of the murders in a highly publicized trial, but found responsible in a civil suit.

In the 2017 memoir “The Secrets of My Life,” Jenner writes that Robert Kardashian later revealed that he believed Simpson was guilty.

Kardashian’s daughter, Kim, later denied Jenner’s account, saying her dad “so believed” his friend, Simpson, was innocent.

The murder case is officially listed as unsolved.