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(WJW) – Some businesses in New York are starting to enforce a state law that limits who can buy whipped cream canisters, according to reports from Fox News.

The law states that anyone under the age of 21 cannot purchase whipped cream chargers. Businesses who violate this law could face up to a $250 fine for the first offense or a $500 fine for further offenses.

Whipped cream chargers are filled with nitrous oxide, or ‘laughing gas.’ Sen. Joseph Addabbo, who had sponsored the bill last year, said the chargers were commonly used as an over-the-counter inhalant to “get high.”

“Nitrous oxide is a legal chemical for legitimate professional use but when used improperly, it can be extremely lethal,” said Addabbo. “Sadly, young people buy and inhale this gas to get ‘high’ because they mistakenly believe it is a ‘safe’ substance. This law will eliminate easy access to this dangerous substance for our youth.”

The law was passed back in November.

Now, according to reports from Fox News, retail stores in New York are beginning to roll out ID checks on these sales.