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CLEVELAND — The Network’s Nuns on the Bus Tour made a stop in Cleveland at the Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry on Saturday.

They are going around the country for their Tax Justice Truth Tour and are urging people to get out and vote in a couple weeks.

They argued that the new tax law is hurting communities while benefiting the wealthy.

As the nuns make their way around the country learning about social service and advocacy programming, their stop at LMM was a chance for Cleveland to showcase a nearly 50-year-old nonprofit with innovative programs such as Chopping for Change.

LMM will also introduced the group to the housing-first programming happening at the largest homeless shelter in the state, LMM’s Men’s Shelter at 2100 Lakeside.

The leader of the Nuns on the Bus said it’s an important election coming up and encouraged people to vote.

After the tax law passed, several companies offered bonuses and other benefits to their employee and the president has boasted the tax law as good for the economy.

The election is on November 6.