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(WJW) – The National Park Service will be setting controlled fires within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park later this month.

According to park officials, it’s part of an effort to burn out invasive plant species in the area.

The fires also make better soil conditions for native seeds and maintain grassland bird habitats, the NPS says.

Between Nov. 6 and 15, trained fire personnel will conduct the fires at three areas of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The first site will be about 40 acres along Route 303 near the I-271 interchange, where the former Richfield Coliseum stood. NPS says the area has become a significant habitat for birds.

The second site will be about 129 acres of the Terra Vista Natural Study Area in Valley View, which is northeast of the intersection of Canal Road and Tinkers Creek Road. Over the past two decades, NPS says that area has been a hot spot for butterfly populations.

The last site will be about 13 acres in Boston Township, near Boston Mills Road and south of I-80.

According to park officials, planned fires were last conducted at the former Richfield Coliseum site in 2022 and the other locations in 2021.

The NPS says park officials will try to limit smoke in the area, but it can drift to other areas of the park or onto roadways.

The burns can happen anytime between those dates, depending on weather conditions.