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It’s been downloaded by more than 7.5 million smartphone users since the game was launched last week. But, some Pokémon fanatics aren’t respecting boundaries.

FirstEnergy says three teenagers were stopped by security at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant early Tuesday when they trespassed on the property in their pursuit of Pokémon. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is among the agencies warning players that their focus on the game may become a dangerous distraction. The Patrol issued an alert on Tuesday, advising users not to play the app while driving. Their tweet says:  “Playing ? Please ! We know you want to catch ‘em all, but do so safely!”

Trooper Jason Turner is on patrol looking for telltale signs of distracted driving. “When you’re just following behind a vehicle, you can see it swaying, drifting, you know randomly, late stopping, you know; someone who is looking downward.” The OSHP also says walking and playing the game could put people at risk if they let the game become too much of a distraction.

Other authorities, including the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, also issued warnings, advising people to know what they are sharing.

“Understand that as you walk you are sharing your location information via GPS and you can easily become the victim of crime. While the game has an innocent basis, today criminals use such information to find their next victim. They can capture your info, lure you into unsuspecting places, and take advantage of you.

Just be aware about what you post, and what you allow people to know. At a minimum if criminals know you are playing Pokemon Go, they know you are not at home. If you post your plate of food you are enjoying on social media, people know you are not at home. If you tell everyone about the great vacation you are enjoying, they know you are not at home.”

There have also been complaints about players meeting in parks and cemeteries in the middle of the night. So far, police are just asking them to leave, but we are told that could change if it continues.

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