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CLEVELAND (WJW) – A Northeast Ohio Republican candidate for U.S. Senate is getting a lot of attention for trying to buy the Cleveland Indians.

The timing of it has some wondering if the offer was an actual business offer or political ploy. 

However, businessman Bernie Moreno (R) insists the offer was sincere and that it still stands whether or not he wins.

Moreno said he offered the Dolan family $1 billion to buy the Tribe. He told FOX 8 that as a fan, he had big plans for the organization; including keeping the name ‘Indians.’

“Every time I went to the game in the last year or so, it was like, ‘Why are they changing the name?’” said Moreno, “So I had an idea that you could buy the team and we could issue a digital currency we could call Tribe Coin that would let people in Northeast Ohio own part of the team. Every fan could own part of the team.”

Moreno says not only would that anchor the team in Northeast Ohio, but it would take a stand against the current cancel culture political environment.

“We need to get back to the idea that not everything has to be political,” said Moreno, “And we’d use part of the ticket sales to honor and support Native American causes in Ohio and honor Native American heroes throughout the stadium.” 

So, what did the Dolans say?

“No,” laughed Moreno. “The response was no, they’re too far along in the conversations that they’re having.”

In early August, the Indians entered into an agreement with Cuyahoga County and Cleveland to extend the team’s lease. That includes massive multi-million dollar renovations at the ballpark.

The Cleveland Indians declined to comment on the situation with Moreno.

We were also unable to get reaction from Ohio State Senator Matt Dolan (R) whose father owns the team.

“I’m hoping that maybe at some point, they change their mind or what they’re looking at now doesn’t go through. You know, I’m ready and prepared to make that happen,” said Moreno.

Here’s a list of all the Republicans currently running in the May 3, 2022 primary hoping to fill outgoing Senator Rob Portman’s seat:

John Berman, Matt Dolan, Mike Gibbons, Michael Leipold, Josh Mandel, Bernie Moreno, Zachary Musick, Neil Patel, Mark Pukita, John Reed, Mackenzie Thompson, Jane Timken and J.D. Vance.