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GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW) — It’s been a busy week for Trinity High School baseball coach Randy Rundgren.

The 35-year-old coach is getting the Trojans ready for the playoffs, and on Wednesday, he learned that his father will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Legendary singer, songwriter and producer Todd Rundgren is a member of the Rock Hall’s class of 2021, recognition of six decades of musical excellence.

Coach Rundgren told Fox 8, “I know our family is extremely happy, I mean we know what he does, how much work he puts into the music, I mean it’s his life.”

Randy is one of Todd Rundgren’s three sons, and says while growing up in California and Hawaii, he followed in the footsteps of his older brother Rex.

The Rundgren brothers were both drafted by Major League baseball teams and played in the minor leagues and supporting them every step of the way was their dad, the rock star.

“It was normal to me, people would freak out, but I was just kind of like ‘oh, that’s my dad, you know, whatever,'” said Coach Rundgren.

The coach was familiar with Northeast Ohio because he has relatives here, and he says his dad has a special place in his heart for Cleveland.

“His favorite place was the Agora, the old Agora, like that was his place so I mean just the fan base out here is levels beyond pretty much anywhere I’ve been,” he said.

Randy was a youth baseball travel coach and instructor, when a coach at Trinity High took note of his skills.

“He picked the right career for sure, I mean, and he loves doing it and you know we love his enthusiasm and his dedication,” said Trinity Athletic Director Tony SanFilippo.

Coach Rundgren says he once went on tour with his dad in Europe, and was surprised to discover parallels between preparing for baseball games and rock concerts.

“He was all business, it was ‘when you come to work with me, like we’re working, this isn’t like you party like the rock star,’ he wasn’t the typical rock star, where it’s like a party and no, he came for business and it was like,’ if you’re not here, all right see ya,’” said Coach Rundgren.

As Todd Rundgren gets ready to take his place among the all-time greats at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Randy Rundgren says his dad still has a passion for creating music.

“He’s still producing people like crazy and doing his own stuff, he just can’t stop, I mean he’s 71, he makes me tired,” he said with a laugh.

Coach Rundgren says he and his family are looking forward to attending the Rock Hall induction ceremony on October 30th at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.