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CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — Super Bowl Sunday is nearly here, and while the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to battle it out with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Northeast Ohio bars and restaurants are also gearing up for game day.

The Super Bowl is the most-watched sporting event every year and the second biggest eating day after Thanksgiving.

“It is a huge huge take out day,” said John Lane, Co-Owner of Winking Lizard, “It is by far our largest take out day of the year, we’ve been taking pre-orders already, just gonna be slammed.”

Winking Lizards throughout the area are ready with enough wings, pizza, and ribs to feed the entire NFL joked Lane.

Customers can have their orders delivered or carry out.

All locations including Lakewood have acrylic dividers around the tables and other safety measures for those choosing to watch at the bar.

Similar safety steps have been taken at Hooley House in Westlake.

Outdoor igloos are setup on the patio and inside extra high dividers were added to all of the booths.

“We’re anticipating still having a decent crowd, so we have partitions at the bar and we are still keeping the distancing in place and everything else,” said General Manager Lauren Crauthamel.

They’ve also created three different “Game Day Packs” for those wanting their feast delivered or available for carryout, which includes everything from pizza to wings, Hooley salad, appetizers, and cocktails. 

“You can do delivery through all of the delivery apps and also order online and DoorDash will deliver through our website,” said Crauthamel.

All owners and managers say they are especially pumped because Governor Mike DeWine pushed the curfew back from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m., which gives patrons more time to enjoy the game.

They are also thrilled that he might lift it entirely next week.

DeWine announced that he will remove the curfew if COVID-19 related hospital admissions stay under 2,500 for seven straight days.  The determination will be made on February 11.

“That would be amazing,” said Crauthamel. “We’re ready for it whenever they do.”

The bar and restaurant industry has been very hard during the coronavirus pandemic; especially employees who rely on tips said Lane.

“Not gonna lie, I’ve been doing this 33 years and this is the hardest year we’ve ever been in,” said Lane. “It’s just brutal, brutal, so I’m gonna be so happy when this is over. We can all huddle around the bar again, drink shots and watch some football.”

He says the only thing better would be watching the Browns in next years Super Bowl.

As for this Sunday, they recommend people order early because across the board bars and restaurants are expected to be very busy.