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NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio – The search for a killer intensifies.

North Royalton police say they are following leads while trying to figure out who killed a mother, 45-year old Suzanne Taylor and her two adult daughters, 21-year-old Taylor Pifer and 18-year-old Kylie Pifer.

Detectives say they have not zeroed in on a suspect, but they are working to narrow down persons of interest. They believe whoever is responsible focused on the home, and they do not believe the community at large should be afraid.

“Forty years of friendship is hard, it’s hard to let go, it’s hard to wrap my head around all of this, that she’s gone and her children are gone,” said longtime friend Rhonda Whitelock.

Whitelock says she has been friends with Suzanne Taylor since they were five years old. She has planned a vigil to remember her friend mother and her two daughters…Taylor and Kylie, who relatives say would have turned 19 this weekend.

“I want to be able to remember her life and be able to talk and share some memories that are good, and I want people to know what a great person she was and how fun she was, always laughing, always positive,” said Whitelock.

North Royalton police say around 8:00 Sunday evening, a friend of one of the girls called 911 to report something disturbing inside the family’s home on Ridge Road in North Royalton.

“He picked the lock and went in and said the bedroom door is closed, and opened the bedroom door and says there’s a body in here,” the man is heard saying in the 911 call.

North Royalton police say all three were found in one bedroom. With the help of state BCI agents, they combed through the house looking for evidence.

Police say they are not sure how long the bodies had been inside, and it appears Suzanne had been stabbed.

“A knife was used in one death, I cannot tell you on the others because there is not a visible sign of how death occurred,” said Detective Dave Loeding.

“We’re just like, should we be worried, is there a murderer running around here?” asked neighbor Katherine Chirato.

“There is a lot of interest in certain persons that we’re gonna try to narrow down as the day goes,” explained Det. Loeding.

Relatives say the tragedy blindsided them.

“We all had a great relationship, I mean, we never saw it coming, so we don’t know what happened or why and again who knows what was going on then for this to happen,” said the young womens’ stepmother Sonya Pifer.

“It’s just not right and those kids were just starting out their life…they didn’t deserve it, none of them did,” said Whitelock.

Investigators say lab work and forensics testing need to be conducted.

A vigil for Sue and her daughters Taylor and Kylie will be held Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in front of North Royalton High School. Both girls graduated from there.