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NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio (WJW) — Last Friday, a North Olmsted man was allegedly assaulted on his font porch by an angry neighbor, police report.

When North Olmsted police arrived at the victim’s home at 6357 Stafford Dr., the alleged assailant had already left the scene. Multiple witnesses, and the unnamed victim, reportedly told police that Dean Kohler had come to the victim’s home and began to yell obscenities, saying the victim, who is the housing development’s homeowner’s association president, was responsible for the flooding in his basement.

When the man told Kohler to leave, he refused, and the victim reportedly tried to remove Kohler from his porch. Kohler fell backward into a flowerbed, stood back up and reportedly put the victim in a choke-hold and then ripped his shirt.

After the victim’s wife called the cops, Kohler eventually left the scene and went back home, a police report said.

Police then went to question Kohler at his nearby home, where he reportedly denied the assault.

Kohler told police he believed his basement flooded after a nearby construction project was allowed to tie into his sewer lines.

When police asked how much he’d had to drink that day, as he reportedly smelled heavily of alcohol, the man reportedly replied “half a beer.”

Police arrested Kohler on assault charges, due to witness testimony and the victim’s injuries.

Kohler was later released, police report, and is scheduled to appear in court June 9.