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BRECKSVILLE, Ohio (WJW) — Earlier this week, the mother of Jacoby Arnold, 6, of Brecksville, shared video of her daughter signing along with Marla Berkowitz, the now-beloved interpreter at Gov. Mike Dewine’s press briefings.

Jacoby is non-verbal, and jumps into action to sign with Berkowitz every day. Her family hoped Marla would see the special video.

And she did. On Thursday, Berkowitz sent a message back to the little girl on the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities Facebook page.

**Watch that video at the bottom of this page**

“Hi Jacoby,” she signs. “Thank you so much for signing with me every day. Sending love to you and your family.”

Jacoby’s mom, Jillian Arnold, caught little Jacoby’s response to the video, and it’s priceless.

“We have watched it over and over,” said her mom, Jillian Arnold. “They used so many signs she knows, and she just keeps signing with them.”

Jacoby was born with a condition that eventually caused her to be non-verbal, and she relies on signing to help her find her voice. The coronavirus outbreak resulted in her finding her new role model.

“We love Marla, and Jacoby loves watching all the interpreters every day on the press conferences,” said Arnold. “Seeing someone sign and communicate like she does, it immediately connects Jacoby to a person. Love that Jacoby gets to see them on TV almost every day.”

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