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PEMBROKE, VA – It’s not called Kellerman’s in real life, but the resort that the iconic movie “Dirty Dancing” was filmed at in 1987 is a real place…and you can stay there! In fact, the Mountain Lake Lodge, in Virginia (not the Catskills in New York) is hosting “Dirty Dancing” weekends this summer – you’ll have to bring your own pair of Keds  though.

You can take a video tour of the resort in the video above. 

The upcoming weekends are July 29-31 and August 26-28. The themed weekend includes special activities, dancing lessons, dance parties and a screening of the movie itself. (Sadly, Baby and Johnny will not be there. But feel free to channel their spirit throughout the weekend.)

ABC News reports that packages start at $330 per person for the weekend based on double occupancy.

Click here for information on the weekends.

And let’s all just take a moment to watch and re-live the moment when we all found out that “nobody puts Baby in the corner:”