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NEW YORK (WFLA) — Barstool Sports has raised over $6 million this holiday season for small businesses struggling amidst lockdowns and the pandemic.

The company announced on Christmas that its fundraising efforts, which started just over a week ago, surpassed $6 million from 57,404 different donors.

Founder of Barstool Sports Dave Portnoy introduced the Barstool Fund Dec. 17 on Twitter. He said he hopes the company can “bridge gap until COVID’s done” and business owners can go back to making a living.

“Is it the best plan? No,” Portnoy said on Twitter. “The best plan is the government getting off their [butt] and issuing relief, billions of dollars, to these small business owners who are losing their livelihoods and no way to save it through no fault of their own […] That’s the only solution really. But barring that, we’re going to do what we can.”

Portnoy said he got the idea after New York City shut down indoor dining once again.

To qualify to for the Barstool Fund, you’ll need to still be paying your employees, Portnoy says.

“If you meet that, and you’re a small business like a gym, restaurant, bar, and you’re not gonna be able to survive the next couple months, send us an email at”

Portnoy said once you’re in their program, he’ll make sure you’re paid until the pandemic is over.

“I didn’t think I’d be the guy doing it,” Portnoy said on ‘Tucker Carlson tonight.’ “I’d rather be sitting on a beach, betting on horses, drinking, but nobody else is going to do it. We have this big platform, so we’re going to try to help as many small businesses as we can.”

Portnoy said the “salesman in him” will also be reaching out to all of his rich friends to get them to donate.

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