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WILLOUGHBY, Ohio — A crane, being used for tree trimming, toppled onto a neighbor’s house in Willoughby.

“I was standing at the sink, getting a glass of water when I heard a loud boom,” said 85-year-old Janet Dudek of Willoughby.

A crane came crashing down onto her house on Crown Court just after 2 p.m. Friday afternoon.

“I thought we had another earthquake until I saw the boom across my roof and laying in the yard,” said Dudek.

Emergency crews rushed to the scene.

Amazingly, no one was hurt.

“I just saw the crane go down. The operator extended it out too far he said. It fell and he jumped out quick,” said Lucas Lazare, witness.

A crowd of neighbors gathered to watch as a second crane and a tow truck were brought in to help remove the initial one.

According to Dudek, a number of nearby houses were having trees removed as a community project to help beautify the neighborhood.

“It is kind of an empty, weird feeling to see my house this way. The guys were real nice; I’m just thankful they were okay. It’s repairable, I hope,” said Dudek.